DHEB - Double Hinged Expansion Bellows

Aflex Double Hinged Expansion Bellows utilise two Hinged Expansion Bellows welded to a middle section of pipe, all in the one assembly. DHEB allows for large amounts of lateral movement in one plane, to compensate for thermal expansion of the pipeline. The hinges span the entire length of the expansion joint and are designed to contain the pressure thrust and can also be designed to support externally applied forces, such as the weight of piping and equipment
Double Hinged Expansion Bellows
DHEB expansion joints are a simple to install alternative to using two independent HEB, an example of this can be seen in the diagram on the right. The amount of movement, design conditions and the available pipe leg length determine whether a DHEB or two HEB are used. For information on single Hinged Expansion Bellows see HEB