SEB - Single Expansion Bellows

Aflex Single Expansion Bellows allow for axial, lateral and angular deflection as well as combined movements. As SEB are unrestrained, the internal pressure from the bellows is transmitted onto the pipeline as pressure thrust (see pressure thrust page and calculator). To prevent buckling of the pipe or other damage to the system, this pressure thrust must be considered and properly restrained. In low pressure exhaust applications, this pressure thrust can be contained by the pipe itself. However, in moderate to high pressure systems the correct use of anchors and guides is needed to resist the high pressure thrust from the bellows. In these applications, the correct alignment and anchoring of the pipeline is essential and general requirements for this can be found under our pipeline guides and anchoring information.

If the required main anchors and guides are not in place, use of a different type of Aflex bellows that restrains the pressure thrust within the assembly may be required, in that instance please contact us for bellows type recommendations. For enquiries or design queries in regard to anchors and guides please consult your pipeline designer, consultant or refer to the EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association) standards.

Single Expansion Bellows